Krishna Kodukula, Ph.D.

Dr. Kodukula, based in Princeton, NJ, is a pharmaceutical professional with decades of experience in the biopharmaceutical and non-profit sectors, in research and business roles. Previously, he was Executive Director, Strategic Development at SRI Biosciences (Stanford Research Institute); Site Head and Founder of SRI Shenandoah Valley; Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Sarnoff Corporation; in leadership/founder roles at Pyxis Technology Solutions and Small Molecule Therapeutics; and in research scientist positions at Bristol-Myers Squibb and Hoffmann-LaRoche. Dr. Kodukula has served on many boards, including several gubernatorial appointments, and has been listed as one of 50 most influential business leaders in Virginia. Dr. Kodukula received undergraduate and graduate degrees at Andhra and Utkal Universities in India, and did postdoctoral work at the Indian Institute of Science and Roche Institute of Molecular Biology.